Cross Country

Who we are

YWC Cross Country Section

The Yosemite Winter Club Cross Country Section (YWCXC) arranges hut supported overnight ski trips into the backcountry of Yosemite National Park. The Yosemite Winter Club (YWC) is a non-profit organization bringing winter sporting opportunities to outdoor enthusiast since 1928. The Yosemite Winter Club Cross Country Section is a subsection within the YWC. Everyone who is a member of YWC is welcome to join the YWCXC Section.

What we do

Promoting backcountry adventures

Interested in joining us one one of our trips? To be eligible, you MUST be a Yosemite Winter Club Member. Please visit the Membership page to sign up. For more information, contact Teri and Melinda Rivasplata at (916) 454-5937.

  • Family of 4: $65
  • Adult: $25
  • Child: $10