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Yosemite Winter Club Cross Country Ski Section Presentations

Yosemite Winter Club Cross Country Ski Section 
Jane Raschuke-Goodman, a representative from the the Yosemite Winter Club Cross Country Ski section, will be presenting information about YWC, as well as, sharing tips on all aspects of back country skiing.
When and Where:
Thursday, January 19, 2017, from 6pm to 7pm
At the Sports Basement, Presidio of San Francisco, 610 Old Mason Street, San Francisco, Ca.  94129.
At the Sports Basement, Berkeley location - 2727 Milvia Street, Berkeley, California  94703.

2017 XCNewsletter

2017 Cross Country Newsletter, download below, PDF



The Yosemite Winter Club Cross Country Section (YWCXC) arranges hut supported overnight ski trips into the backcountry of Yosemite National Park. These trips are made possible by XC Section members who volunteer their time for trip planning, meal planning, shopping and packing food caches, and placing the caches in the cabins in the fall before the roads close. These are not guided trips, but a trip leader is assigned for the purpose of facilitating decision making and everyone pitches in to cook, clean up after meals, and tidy up the cabins before the group leaves.Skiing Horse Ridge near Ostrander Lake

For all trips, skiers need to carry a pack with storm gear, emergency essentials, extra clothes, sleeping pad, and sleeping bag. Some cabins have bunks, others do not so a sleeping pad is good to carry. Breakfasts and dinners are cached at the cabins; skiers bring their own lunches, daytime trail snacks, and water.  All skiers must be physically fit and able to ski a considerable distance, carrying a pack over varying terrain. All skiers should have knowledge of backcountry travel practices, and carry emergency equipment (the 10 essentials).


YWCXC Food Packing Party Sept 24 2016

Yosemite Winter Club Cross Country Skiers


This year we will have the food and cache packing work party on September 24th at the home of Mark and Betsy Blum near Coarsegold (address and contact info below).  We will be purchasing and packing food for two Glacier Point trips, a Trans-Sierra trip, a Tuolumne Turnaround trip, and the Ostrander trip.

We will also need volunteers to take the caches to their appointed storage locations:


YWCXC Ostrander Trip pre-registration

Hello all, This is a reminder that we can only reserve as many spaces (up to 15) at the Hut as there are people who have committed to doing the trip and who have shown that commitment by providing a check to cover their two-night stay ($110) and $25 YWCXC club dues. So far the response on pre-registration has been a bit underwhelming.  The deadline is SEPTEMBER 17, 2016. 


The dates for the trip are (if Yosemite Conservancy can’t give us our first choice, we will go with the second choice - we should know by end of October):

Ostrander Ski Hut trips 2016/2017

Hello all backcountry/crosscountry ski enthusiasts. 

Per our new policy we are soliciting pre-registrations for the Ostrander Ski Hut trip. The spaces reserved for the trip will be restricted to the number of advanced sign ups. Deadline for submittal is September 17, 2016. We will be purchasing food and assembling the caches on September 24. We will only cache in enough food to feed those pre-registered for the trip. 

Yosemite Winter Club XC End of Season Report 5/12/16

Greetings all Yosemite Winter Club Cross Country Ski Enthusiasts, Fans, and Friends

We thought we would let everyone know how the year’s ski season went, remind everyone of some of the changes to Club operations, and let you know of opportunities for volunteering that are coming up in the spring, late summer and/or fall. 

All trips were able to go with a decent snow pack this year. The Turnaround Trip was delayed due to a storm that made for avalanche hazard in Tioga Canyon and over the pass. But the trip went off a month later with no insurmountable problems.  

Thank you to everyone who made this season’s backcountry ski trips possible. It took many volunteers to retrieve caches last spring and summer, store caches over the summer outside of the “bear zone”, coordinate shopping with menus, repack the caches, and place them at Glacier Point, Ostrander Hut*, and all along the TransSierra and Tuolumne Meadows Turnaround route. 

Thank you to Kay Pitts for hosting First Ski and pre-trip lodging/meals at the Falcon’s Nest, and to David and Vonnie for lodging at the Peregrine for First Ski, and for helping out with shuttle services. 

Thank you to the National Park Service, who coordinated with us in getting caches in and facilitated the use of the huts for our groups. 

Thank you to the Yosemite Conservancy for their care and stewardship of the Ostrander Ski Hut that allows the historic use of that remarkable building to continue, and for making it possible for us to continue the tradition of YWC at Ostrander Ski Hut. 

Thank you to the hutmasters at Ostrander for being there for us and everyone who has the fortune to make it up the hill. 

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