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YWCXC Food Packing Party Sept 24 2016

Yosemite Winter Club Cross Country Skiers


This year we will have the food and cache packing work party on September 24th at the home of Mark and Betsy Blum near Coarsegold (address and contact info below).  We will be purchasing and packing food for two Glacier Point trips, a Trans-Sierra trip, a Tuolumne Turnaround trip, and the Ostrander trip.

We will also need volunteers to take the caches to their appointed storage locations:


  • Glacier Point caches need to go to the cabin in early October. Coordination with the rangers is required to get access to the cabin.
  • For the Trans-Sierra and Turnaround caches go to Tioga Pass Entrance Cabin, Tuolumne Meadows (cargo container behind the public cabin), and to Snow Flat snow survey cabin. Coordination with rangers to get the key for Snow Flat and entrance to the Tioga pass cabin will be needed.
  • A volunteer is needed to deliver the Ostrander cache to the Minarets Pack Station packers – in the area of O’Neal Saturday evening or Sunday morning the 25th. Preferably someone going back to Fresno from Coarsegold – its kind of on the way.

We will provide the needed contact numbers for coordination with NPS rangers and Minarets PS.
We generally get started with orientation for food packing at 9 a.m. on Saturday. There will be breakfast, so come early have a snack before we start. The club will also provide lunch. The food packing involves taking inventory of food left from last year that can be used, shopping for needed food in Oakhurst, return to the Blums and pack the cache containers. Teams are assigned to each trip.
If you are coming from a distance you can stay the night at the Blums – there is some space inside but bring camping gear in case.
Please let us know if you can help out (our emails are shown), either with food shopping/packing or with cache deliveries.

The Blum’s address:

Mark and Betsy Blum
50575 Falcon View Road
Coarsegold, CA 93614

We hope everyone is having a good summer, and have our fingers crossed for a good winter with snow in the high country.

Terry and Melinda Rivasplata
Yosemite Winter Club, Cross Country Section
916 802-5848 cell