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Tom Medema's Farewell Letter

MESSAGE FROM TOM MEDEMA, long time Yosemite Winter Club President and Head Ski Coach. Tom just recently took a job as Chief of Interpretation for the entire NPS, so he and his family have moved to Washington, D.C.  We wish him the best of luck and good snow.

Thank you and Long Live Winter!

This morning I made an early morning drive to Badger Pass as I have done so many times over the past 14 years. I love being at Badger Pass when no one else is there, whether skinning up before sunrise on a snowy February morning, or just standing on the deck at sunrise on a cool September morning like today. Sadly its my last drive up to Badger for some time to come. As I turned off the light and closed the door to the Rusty Rust room, I was overcome with memory and emotion.

During those 14 years I've had the immense privilege and honor to be a member, coach, and board member of the Yosemite Winter Club. While my ski historian dad knew of the club, it was a revelation to me when I arrived here in 2002. Of course I had no plans to coach ski racing but soon after my arrival the need presented itself, David and Anna were of the right age, and I jumped in. As if that weren't enough, Kirstie Kari, then President of the board, used her voodoo to convince me to join the board as well. I have served on the board in a variety of capacities ever since, serving as President for the past several years. \

As you all know, Yosemite changes you. Most obvious is the landscape and recreational opportunities it presents. But most impactful, are Yosemite's people. The members, volunteers, and young athletes of the YWC have had a most profound impact on me and our family. Having a home for our love and passion for winter was one of the most rewarding parts of life in Yosemite. The joy of thousands of hours spent coaching, traveling, racing, playing hockey, dancing, party planning, serving beer to Ancient Jocks, pulling off 12 Silver Ski races, and so much more will stay with us forever. Thank you to everyone who participated along the way, who gave of their time and money, and to those who will continue to ensure the Yosemite Winter Club endures another 90+ years.

Long Live Winter!

Tom, Cindy, David, and Anna Medema