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In 1979 Dan Jensen came to Yosemite with his wife, Suzanne, and their two kids to take the position of Executive Vice President with the Yosemite Park & Curry Co.  This was two years after the devastating drought of 1977-79.  During those years the Winter Club membership was down to about 50 die-hard skiers.  That was when the Winter Club partnership was formed with the Curry Company and we grew our membership by offering a dinner, lift tickets and skating passes, all donated by the concessionaire.  Dan, an avid skier, was part of this revival of the Winter Club.  He would bring his family to Badger Pass every weekend for fun on the slopes.
Dan left Yosemite in 1992 to work at Universal Studies in Florida and Japan for 8 years, and then came back as Chief Operating Officer and then President at Delaware North Yosemite from 2006 until just recently.  The support that he and the concessionaire provided to the Winter Club once again kept us afloat during the most recent 4 years of drought.  Those great membership benefits kept winter enthusiasts motivated to join despite year after year of no snow.
Sadly, Dan left Yosemite last November, just when it finally began to snow.  He moved back to Florida as President of the Katmandu Group.  Dan travels to Mallorca, Spain, where his company just opened the Katmandu Park.  It’s been rated Trip Advisor’s Best Amusement Park in the Baleari Islands. 

If Dan wants to ski in Mallorca, it will have to be on the water.  However there are ski resorts in Spain, including one called Sierra Essence, in Spain’s Sierra Nevada near Granada.  It’s similar to Badger Pass, where Dan and his family learned to ski.  Except it has 22 lifts, 3600 vertical feet of drop, and the longest run is 6K.

 We would like to thank Dan for all of his years of support for the Yosemite Winter Club, and wish him many more snowy – and other – adventures.  Congratulations to Dan Jensen the 2016 winner of the Nic Fiori award!