This application is due by Sunday, April 30, 2017

Before sending the application, you must search for the camp you would like to attend and find the dates and cost. You can also apply for an Ostrander Ski Hut Fee Scholarship for 2017-2018, which would pay for up to two nights at the Hut for a date that you are able to reserve. YWC selects scholarship winners and funds partial or full scholarships, but not transportation costs.

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Yosemite Winter Club Cross Country Ski Section Presentations

Yosemite Winter Club Cross Country Ski Section 
Jane Raschuke-Goodman, a representative from the the Yosemite Winter Club Cross Country Ski section, will be presenting information about YWC, as well as, sharing tips on all aspects of back country skiing.
When and Where:
Thursday, January 19, 2017, from 6pm to 7pm
At the Sports Basement, Presidio of San Francisco, 610 Old Mason Street, San Francisco, Ca.  94129.
At the Sports Basement, Berkeley location - 2727 Milvia Street, Berkeley, California  94703.

YWC Snowball 2/10/17

Online sales are no longer available, tickets can be purchased at the Snow Ball.

It's snowing somewhere in Yosemite!, While the rain might be pounding outside your window right now, high up in those mountains the light and white is coming down. It's a perfect time to get your tickets

Important News 12/13/16



Winter Club Cards:  We have confirmation that your Winter Club cards will be printed at Yosemite Ski and Snowboard Area during your first visit of the season.  Please plan additional time for this step.





Season Passes to Yosemite Ski and Snowboard Area:  You will be able to purchase your discounted season pass ($135 for adults) during your first visit to YOSASA.  The teen (13-17) and child's (7-12) season passes will also be discounted at 25% off the early bird price.



Ice Skating: The new ice skating rink is under construction!  When the opening date is secured, we will send out details about our ice skating and hockey programs. Tentatively, we are planning to have Beginner Skating on Mondays at 6pm, Youth Hockey on Wednesdays at 6pm, and Figure Skating on Fridays at 6pm.  Adult Ice Hockey continues on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6pm

Great turnout at the Membership Dinner!

Good morning YWC members!
We are so happy you were able to join us last night at our Kick of dinner...Attendance was far better than we anticipated and we are so thankful for a ton of community support to help this historic club thrive. The entire Yosemite Area Community is a very special group of dedicated winter enthusiasts that we are thrilled to have in the infamous Winter Club Family. Tell your friends and family that couldn't make it last night they can still join at 



Tom Medema's Farewell Letter

MESSAGE FROM TOM MEDEMA, long time Yosemite Winter Club President and Head Ski Coach. Tom just recently took a job as Chief of Interpretation for the entire NPS, so he and his family have moved to Washington, D.C.  We wish him the best of luck and good snow.

Thank you and Long Live Winter!

This morning I made an early morning drive to Badger Pass as I have done so many times over the past 14 years. I love being at Badger Pass when no one else is there, whether skinning up before sunrise on a snowy February morning, or just standing on the deck at sunrise on a cool September morning like today. Sadly its my last drive up to Badger for some time to come. As I turned off the light and closed the door to the Rusty Rust room, I was overcome with memory and emotion.

During those 14 years I've had the immense privilege and honor to be a member, coach, and board member of the Yosemite Winter Club. While my ski historian dad knew of the club, it was a revelation to me when I arrived here in 2002. Of course I had no plans to coach ski racing but soon after my arrival the need presented itself, David and Anna were of the right age, and I jumped in. As if that weren't enough, Kirstie Kari, then President of the board, used her voodoo to convince me to join the board as well. I have served on the board in a variety of capacities ever since, serving as President for the past several years. \

As you all know, Yosemite changes you. Most obvious is the landscape and recreational opportunities it presents. But most impactful, are Yosemite's people. The members, volunteers, and young athletes of the YWC have had a most profound impact on me and our family. Having a home for our love and passion for winter was one of the most rewarding parts of life in Yosemite. The joy of thousands of hours spent coaching, traveling, racing, playing hockey, dancing, party planning, serving beer to Ancient Jocks, pulling off 12 Silver Ski races, and so much more will stay with us forever. Thank you to everyone who participated along the way, who gave of their time and money, and to those who will continue to ensure the Yosemite Winter Club endures another 90+ years.

Long Live Winter!

Tom, Cindy, David, and Anna Medema

The Yosemite Winter Club

Yosemite Winter Club is one of the pioneer winter sports organizations in the United States. Since 1928, the Yosemite Winter Club’s mission has been to develop organized winter sports in Yosemite, to foster love for winter activities, to promote amateur competition, and to improve Yosemite’s winter sports facilities. As we conclude our 88th year as an active club, we continue to offer an unsurpassed celebration of winter sports in Yosemite.

Listen, can you hear the snowflakes falling from the sky? The crisp sound of skis speeding down the hill?  Imagine skiing in a solitary backcountry environment breaking trail, the tossing of snowballs, building snowmen, being in ice skating bliss....  Reconnecting with old friends, making new ones.  These are a few things that allure and entice for the coming winter.  Winter in Yosemite has long been a relished time of the year with snow lovers of all ages donning snow gear to play and revel in the beautiful powder.  When the Yosemite Winter Club was first organized in 1928,  skiers merely thought they were gathering like-minded comrades to support each other in getting outside.  Little did they know that nearly a century later, individuals and families would still be joining the membership to ski, skate, play hockey, watch kiddos race the slalom course during the Silver Ski Race, unite in stories and roast marshmallows while awaiting the Zamboni to smooth the ice rink once more.  Little did they know that ski scholarships, awarding medals, high fives while riding the chair back to the top of Eagle, snowshoe voyages, Snow Ball dancing, and finally figuring out how to make a left turn on downhill skis would continue all these years later.  Could they have foreseen the stories told around Ostrander Ski Hut with glasses held high ringing in the New Year after making epic turns from Horse Ridge?  Did they realize the wonderment skiers would have in turning the final corner to enjoy a Half Dome view all to themselves just before arriving at Glacier Point?  Imagine if they had known the feelings a mother and father would experience in watching their child ski their first glide on cross country skis.  The feeling of watching their child fall and then stand back up with a mouthful of snow and a grin on their face from ear to ear.  Now imagine years from now the exhilaration others will have as they too sign up for the Yosemite Winter Club in the hopes of following in your ski tracks.  May the founders of this great club be jubilant with their foresight in starting something so remarkable and may you be jubilant as you anticipate the adventures awaiting with this year's first snowfall....

Ski you on the Snow

Virgia Bryan 

Yosemite Winter Club History

HOW DID THE WINTER CLUB GET STARTED?“In the fall of 1928, Donald Tresidder, president of the Curry Company [the primary concessioner in Yosemite National Park] formed the Yosemite Winter Club to ‘encourage and develop all forms of winter sports and to advertise and exploit the great advantages, beauties and healthy benefits of winter in the California Sierra to all lovers of outdoor life.’

In its eighty year span to the present day, the club has played a leading role in the evolution of winter sports in California.” (Magic Yosemite Winters by Gene Rose; 1999:21).During the first five years of the Club’s formation, Badger Pass Ski resort opened and tobogganing and ice-skating took off in Curry Village.

Backcountry skiing was encouraged when the Tressiders had the Snow Creek Cabin constructed near the north rim of Yosemite Valley. By 1941, a second ski hut was built at Ostrander Lake. Both Snow Creek and Ostrander remain popular overnight, backcountry destinations, while ice-skating at Curry Village, and skiing at Badger Pass remain popular front-country destinations.

Today, the Yosemite Winter Club is comprised of hundreds of members who share enjoyment of winter sports in Yosemite. The Winter Club remains tightly linked with the National Park Service and Yosemite’s primary concessioner: Aramark.

The purposes of this club are to foster regional amateur and recreational Nordic and Alpine snow skiing, snowboarding, skating competitions and events, while supporting and developing amateur athletes and recreational winter sport enthusiasts for such competitions and events.

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